Operation Honor Corps

Operation Honor Corps is a “wonderful initiative that asks Americans to honor our military families by pledging service of their own.” - First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Inspired by the First Lady's Joining Forces campaign for military families, Operation Honor Corps aims to create an atmosphere of 'shared service' and a WWII sense of 'all give some' by encouraging Americans to perform service in honor of those who serve.

Combining volunteerism with honoring military members and their families is an ideal way for a community to thank its service members.  And Operation Honor Corps makes it easy for the American public to find and participate in service projects to do just that.  Many individuals and organizations are already volunteering in their communities, and through Operation Honor Corps, those volunteer hours can be dedicated to honor the service of the military community.

Last year, on 9/11, many Blue Star Families' chapters participated in a day of service.  Everything from charitable donations to clean-up of local parks was done in honor of military members and their families who sacrifice so much to serve our country.  Participating in service projects like these is a great way to form strong bonds within your local community and to honor those who serve.  Blue Star Families is proud to help our chapters and the American public promote these opportunities to serve!

If you are interested in completing community service in honor of those who serve, or if you are a business or a corporation looking to support our military communities, contact the OHC Program Coordinator at

Let's show our military families, veterans and service members how much we appreciate them by honoring their service with ours.