The challenges facing America’s military families are real and pressing. In twelve years of war, more than two million troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time, more than 2,000,000 children have sent one or more parents off to war. The unemployment rate for military spouses is a staggering 26% as quoted by the Department of Defense.

Over the next five years, more than one million service members will transition out of the Armed Forces and reintegrate into the civilian workforce. Even after the drawdown in Afghanistan operations in 2014, our new national security posture – comprised of a smaller force structure – will still require frequent deployments and rotations throughout the world. Our nation’s military families are the backbone of a strong and able United States military and these facts make is clear that they need support more than ever.

BSF offers a robust stable of programs and resources to address the critical issues facing military family members – from employment assistance for spouses, to military child wellbeing and connecting military families to their communities through the arts. 

Blue Star Families strengthens military families and our nation by connecting communities and fostering leadership.

Powered by an active network of local Chapters across the globe, BSF’s unique model is unlike any of our peer organizations. Our members drive our programming: they help to inform us about the current needs of the military community, and based on this, we develop programs and implement them at the ground level. 

"We have done a few of the Blue Star Museums the last few summers. It's been a great opportunity for us to go somewhere new for free. Somewhere we would not have gone if it was not on the blue star list. Thank you to all museums that participate in this great program!" - Kristen Conrad-Howard, via Facebook