At Blue Star Families, we believe that no one knows your military community better than you!  That’s why we rely on our volunteer leaders to tell us their specific community’s needs so we can better serve your area’s installations with targeted resources and programs.  Our volunteer leaders also serve as a valuable pipeline of information to senior decision makers who rely on reports, research and information produced by Blue Star Families. 

Why Volunteer?  Volunteers with BSF receive professional development in the areas of volunteer management, networking, chapter building, and resource management to name just a few.  In addition, our volunteers participate in the President's Volunteer Service Awards program; gain visibility as a community leader while representing BSF; collaborate with our professional staff on strategies to effectively serve the military community; and gain valuable experience that we help you directly translate to your resume.  

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Chapter Director:  Chapter Directors are our leaders in nearly 50 local communities around the globe.  They directly implement our mission of connect—strengthen—lead by providing resources and programs, recruiting and managing volunteer teams, hosting events, and serving as a liaison between BSF and the host installation.  Because this role requires a significant commitment, there is an official interview and screening process.  Interested candidates should submit their resume and two letters of reference (from a supervisor in a volunteer or paid position) to

Chapter Volunteer Team Member:  Volunteer opportunities also exist within each chapter.  Chapter Volunteers support local events and assist Chapter Directors with growing and maintaining their Blue Star Families Chapter.  Team member responsibilities can include administrative duties, event planning, blogging, photography and outreach.  The support team is the backbone of each chapter, and the number of volunteers required depends on the needs of each individual military community.  Interested candidates should email

Issue Leader:  For the last four years, Blue Star Families has conducted an annual survey of military family lifestyles that has been featured in the national media and used extensively by Congress and the White House in shaping military outreach policies and programs.  In addition to our Research and Policy staff experts, BSF calls on a talented team of volunteers to share information on the annual survey results with local community leaders.  Issue Leaders become experts in this area and serve as BSF’s representatives.  In addition to briefing survey findings, BSF also utilizes Issue Leaders to present information about our popular Resume Toolkit at various conferences and events across the country.  To find out more about the current Issue Leadership topics, please email

Operation Honor Corps:  For those looking for a more short term permanent volunteer commitment, Operation Honor Corps is a perfect way to make an impact and give back to the military community.  This program allows volunteers anywhere to pledge community service hours in honor of those serving in uniform.  For more information please email

Meet one of our volunteers:  Rheanna Bernard, DC Volunteer Coordinator

Rheanna BernardRheanna Bernard has been a military wife since 2004.  After moving with her husband to Northern Nevada she finished her education in Criminal Justice/Psychology and they started a family.   Finding herself in a military minority, full time Air National Guard in a semi-remote location and with no larger military community or base nearby, she began to seek out support online by participating in support forums.  As a key spouse and a member of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard’s Auxiliary she sought to bring the struggles of the currently serving National Guard service members and their families, to the forefront.  Rheanna has sought to make sure every military family gets the support that they deserve regardless of their status. Whether it be writing about the needs of National Guard and Reserve families on her personal blog, freelancing for other military-related publications or making care packages for military spouses without support, helping other families is of great importance to her, and her family. Frequently you will find her joined by her family, including her three children (ages 8, 6 and 3), as she and her husband believe volunteerism is extremely important.  

Using her experiences as a military spouses, as well as knowledge gained from political advocacy in California, she hopes to continue making the lives of military families better.

Rheanna has been volunteering with Blue Star Families for three years.  She currently resides in the DC area.

Note: The Blue Star Families national volunteer opportunities change often, so please check with us to get the most up to date opportunities,

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