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Blue Star Families is committed to connecting military families with programs and resources tailored to their unique lifestyle. For the first time, we are offering tailored resources specific to both military families (our Blue Star Families) and Americans who are looking to better understand how they can support military families across the world (our Blue Star Neighbors).

For our Blue Star Families: your FREE membership provides you access to BSF's research-driven programs and resources; exciting event opportunities with partners such as The Walt Disney Company, professional sports teams, and the White House; and a community of military families and civilians invested in supporting military families through all phases of their service career.  

For our Blue Star Neighbors: your membership will educate you about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by today's military families; connect you with local and online support opportunities between civilians and military families; and energize you through real-life stories highlighting Americans going above and beyond in support of military families.

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