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So why do we blog?  We blog to tell our story but more importantly, we blog to tell your story. Our members, volunteers, friends in the military community, and partners do extraordinary things every single day and we are here to tell about it.  Check back often as we also share information about upcoming events, job opportunities and important updates to everything that impacts your life as a military family. 

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How Having a Vision Board Can Help Your Military-to-Civilian Transition

Have you started preparing for your transition to the civilian life? Here is some great advice from our friends at USAA on how preparing for your transition is crucial to success.

Social Media Posts and the Threat to our Military

Staying safe online is important, particularly for military families, so says the FBI.

Absurd Person Singular Tickets

Absurd Person Singular January 10, 2015 - February 1, 2015
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