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So why do we blog?  We blog to tell our story but more importantly, we blog to tell your story. Our members, volunteers, friends in the military community, and partners do extraordinary things every single day and we are here to tell about it.  Check back often as we also share information about upcoming events, job opportunities and important updates to everything that impacts your life as a military family. 

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10 Things to Know about Being Stationed at Fort Campbell

Ft. Campbell has been our home for five years now.

Books on Bases comes to Fort MacArthur

Blue Star Families loves our National Guard, Air National Guard, and Reserve families so much and this month, we were able to host a special Disney Books on Bases event just for them at Fort MacArt

New State, New Duty Station: 4 Tips on Finding a New Job

We are right in the middle of PCS season and many of our friends are finding themselves in new states, new duty stations, new housing and trying to figure how to make the furniture from the last ho
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