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So why do we blog?  We blog to tell our story but more importantly, we blog to tell your story. Our members, volunteers, friends in the military community, and partners do extraordinary things every single day and we are here to tell about it.  Check back often as we also share information about upcoming events, job opportunities and important updates to everything that impacts your life as a military family. 

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Kathy Roth-Douquet Wounded Warriors

A Letter of Thanks

Blue Star Families recently received a wonderful letter from a family member of a wounded warrior.

At the Sound of Colors We Stood

Blue Star Families Caregiver Embassador, Callie Barr, shares a poem dedicated to caregivers titled, "At the Sound of Colors We Stood." This was shared May 12, 2015 at the Joining Forces Impact Pled

Top Four Takeaways from Blue Star Networks Live!

Many of us play different roles in our lives: spouse, parent, friend, sibling, professional… At the most recent Blue Star Families Networks Live!
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